About Us

Digital Knowledge Associates Limited

Digital Knowledge Associates was established in 2001 with the objective of bridging the knowledge and doing gap.
We focus on Training and implementation. We dont just create and share knowledge, we help organisations implement the knowledge for value addition.

We provide online and offline training and implementation.

Our Mission

Bridging the knowledge and doing gap.

Our Vision

To be the leading Training and Consulting name from sub saharan Africa.

Our CORE COMPETENCIES are in the following areas:
A. Information Security
B. Technology Audit
C. Data Protection Services
D. Revenue Assurance
E. Data Analytics
F. Technology Strategy design, inplementation and review

We are:
1. Certified information Systems Auditors
2. Certified Information Security Lead Auditors
3. Certified Technology Risk Manager
4. Certified Cards and Payment Professionals and Systems Assurance Professionals.

Our Training Services

CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) TRAINING
This training runs for about two to three months. You choose either of our online or physical classroom training.

Are you a Data Protection Officer or a prospective one. Our DPT programme equips you to be an effective and efficient Data Protection Officer.

CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) TRAINING
Our training helps you to become an Ethical Hacker.

This programme covers everything on security of the Cyberspace.

COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology) TRAINING
We help you become COBIT Certified.

Organisations have huge mountains of data that makes no meaning for them. This practical programme takes you through to mining such data using tools like Excel, Note pad, Power Bi.

Lets train you on how to build you business process flow documents.

What we do as part of this services is to review all your security channels and infrastructures access points using our hacking tools to see how safe your environment is. If we discover any gap, we will help you fix it.


At DKA, we are specialists at Cyber Security Implementation for clients.

We will review your existing Technology systems, Channels, Infrastructure, Policies, processes and procedures.

Our revenue Assurance Services helps you ensure you are not loosing revenue, the revenue is correctly posted in the right book of accounts and nothing funny is happening. We will also help set up processes for you to prevent accidental of deliberate loss of revenue in any form.


Benedict Uzoma Anyalenkeya FCA, ACCA, MCP, CISA, CRISC,  BS7799LA, COBIT 5,CICPP

Ben has over with over 25 years’ experience in Cyber Security Consulting, manufacturing and banking with core competencies in Technology Strategy and Management, Digital Banking, Data Analytics and Protection, IT Audit and Project management. 

He is a Microsoft Certified Professional, Certified Information Systems Auditor, Certified in Risk and Control of IT, Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, Associate Chartered Certified Accountant of London, Lead Auditor certified in British Standard number 7799 on Information Security and Certified International Cards & Payments Professional. He is skilled in the implementation and Auditing of the Nigerian Data Protection regulation.

His core area of professional specialization in the last 3 years includes;

  • International Data protection Services
  • Digital banking
  • Technology – Risk Management, IT Advisory, IT Strategy
  • Cyber Security – All aspects of cyber security

He was instrumental to some developments in the Nigerian Banking Industry like

  • Development of the Lagos State ETCC Card being used as a Payment Card
  • Set up of the Committee of ebanking Industry Heads Association
  • Implementation
  • Implementation of the first Mobile Banking platform for a Microfinance Bank, a feat that earned his employers then a grant of $1Million

In the area of Audit and Cyber Security, Ben has achieved the following

  • Implementation of the first Data Analytics Platform for a Nigerian Bank using ACL Data Analytics
  • Training of over 100 people to become CISA Certified
  • Training of over 85 COBIT certified
  • Training of over 38 people to become CISSP Certified
  • Training of employees of over 150 companies on IT Audit, IT Security, Data Protection etc
  • Training of over 250 on Implementation of the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation

 In his academic and professional pursuit, he won the following prizes;

  • ICAN National Prize Winner 1998
  • ACCA highest scorer in Information Analysis in 1999
  • CISA highest scorer in Nigeria in 2000

He was also the brain behind the setting up of the first ACCA tuition centre in Nigeria. He has also trained more than 1000 people to become ICAN /ACCA certified.

A serial investor in Innovation, Ben was involved the in setting up of the following organisations

  1. Digital Knowledge Associates
  2. Legends Business Schools
  3. New Capital Multipurpose Cooperative Society,
  4. Agricgate.com, a Technology intermediation company in the agric space
  5. House9ja.com, a Technology intermediation company in the Real Estate Space

He is also a Director with PYRICH GROUP LIMITED, a leader in technology Security Consulting and one of the licensed Data Protection Compliance Organisations in Nigeria.

Other ad-hoc assignments he has been opportune to be involved in, in various capacities include:

–   ICAN Faculty of Consulting and Information Technology

 –  CBN’s Vision 2020 FSS Implementation Board

 –  EXCO of the Committee of e-banking Industry Heads

–   Member of the Board of ISACA (Information Systems Audit & Control Association)

–  Board Chairman, Agricgate Nigeria

–  Board Chairman, House9ja.com

–  Board Member, Digital Knowledge Associates

Ben’s recent passion is in the area of  Data Privacy and Protection. His current area of research interest is in the development of a Framework that combines the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation, GDPR  and SOX using Artificial Intelligence for implementations.

He is happily married with  children.